Where to Stay in Rijeka (Best Areas & Accommodation)

Rijeka is a city built on hills with its town situated by the sea, and some areas are better for a stay than others.

In this article, I’ll cover the best area to stay in Rijeka and recommend a few great accommodations along the way.

As a tourist and a short-term visitor, you’ll want the best accommodation for a short time in the area which will make it easy to explore the city and ensure you don’t run into any kind of problems.

On the other hand, if you plan to stay for a bit longer, some other accommodations and areas in the city may be more suitable, so let’s explore!

Bear in mind that Rijeka is best experienced by vehicle, but if you don’t plan to drive you can always take public transportation or walk.

Best Current deals

Before we begin with the best areas and specific accommodation recommendations, you can find here the best-discounted deals for places to stay in Rijeka.

From private apartments to hotels, you can find great offers that run at this time of the year.

These offers expire once they are fully booked.


The Town

Staying in the town is always the best way to experience Rijeka as everything is close and if there’s going to be an event worth seeing, it’s likely going to be hosted in the town.

There is plenty of accommodation ranging from budget to middle tier and luxury options.

The best hotel rooms are found straight in the town, and the cheapest motels are also found in the town so whether you are looking for something luxurious or a cheap place to spend a night, the town will be your best place to stay.

Furthermore, Rijeka is built on the hills and the only flat area of the city is in the town, so as soon as you start to leave it you’ll experience plenty of hills that you’ll have to climb.

The majority of attractions you’ll want to see are situated in the town, so finding a room there will be the best option for exploring the town without a car or if you want to avoid using public transportation.

You can then visit other points of interest such as Trsat with the famous castle that overlooks the town if you don’t mind taking the stairs from the town with more or less 1000 steps, and the beaches are quite accessible on foot.

The town is very safe, most attractions are found in it and you’ll love it there for a short stay!

Most affordable hostels for one night

Botel Marina – Your room on a boat in the middle of the town. It’s an especially good experience if you always dreamt of being a sailor!

Hostel Old School – A good and clean hostel with plenty of room for bigger groups. It’s designed with a certain level of luxury in mind, so it differs from cheap places that serve no purpose but for a quick sleepover.

Das Hostel – A hostel in the middle of the town with a garden and shared lounge designed to make you feel like you are outside of the town. It’s a lovely and comfortable place!

Budget accommodation 

Rijeka Budget Rooms – Not looking for much but rather a place to spend a single night at? Welcome to Rijeka budget rooms where the simplicity of the interior brings back the memories of good student days when you didn’t need much but good company.

Imperial Central Residences East – Super cheap, but the place is clean and looks like one of the mid-range tier accommodations. The issue is that you’ll have to climb up the stairs to the 4th floor, but if that’s not an issue you’ll like it there.

Chillout Room With Terrace – Just 200 meters from the town center, and you have access to all that you need including a terrace in a vibrant designed apartment for the cheapest price in the region.

Mid-range and luxury accommodation

Hotel Bonavia Plava Laguna – Opened in 1876, Hotel Bonavia is the epitome of a modern 4-star business hotel. This is where you go if you are looking for a quality hotel experience with all the luxury services!

Hotel Continental – Hotel Continental also predates modern times, as it was built around the same age as Hotel Bonavia. This is more of a hotel that preserved its authenticity after all the years, so you’ll find excellent rooms and experience that old-school feeling. Today it’s properly modernized, but it’s still not a typical modern hotel and I hope it will never lose its charm as one of the most iconic hotels that share the stories of the town.

Old Town Inn – Old Town Inn is a cozy apartment in the middle of the Rijeka old town right above the ruins of the famous Roman square. This place is truly idyllic and you’ll miss it once you depart.

Area2 Center Luxury Apartment – Excellent apartment in the heart of the old town with a spa! These types of apartments are ideal for a short stay as long as you like it fancy. Being in the middle of the town is always the best location to experience what the city offers.


Kantrida is home to the most beautiful beaches in Rijeka, and quite a relaxing neighborhood with plenty of nearby things to experience.

First of all, you’ll find a variety of great accommodations in a safe area, then you’ll be able to choose fantastic beaches on demand, enjoy the indoor pool, or play the volleyball on sand in the evening.

Kantrida is an excellent place to stay in Rijeka, especially during the summertime!

Furthermore, the town is 30 minutes away on foot, but the public transportation is easy to catch and everything is well organized.

On the other side, opposite the town, you’ll find Opatija, the must-see city I recommend that tourists visit as a part of the Rijeka itinerary plan.

So, staying at Kantrida makes it easy for you to visit both the Rijeka town and Opatija, and if you feel adventurous there’s so much to see after Opatija if you continue to move to Istria.

The best accommodation at Kantrida

Apartment Sofia – Being blessed with an excellent position near the beach, a nearby restaurant, and public transport, apartment Sofia deserves its spot on the list. This is a typical apartment for couples who want to enjoy a part of their stay at the accommodation where they can invite over friends for a bbq on a terrace to get some deserved rest after exploring the city.

Apartman Borgo Marina – by the sea – If you are looking for more of a private setting and don’t want to encounter other people, Apartman Borgo Marina located straight by the beach is an excellent choice. The accommodation is top-notch and due to its design and privacy, it’s super couple-friendly!

Hotel Hilton Rijeka Costabella Beach – Located by the beach and surrounded by the most beautiful nature, Hotel Hilton is everything you ever dreamed of if you are looking for a super-comfortable stay and some luxury.

From spa and wellness that offer beauty treatments, hydrothermal healing, and fitness classes to amazing food, and wonderful rooms with jaw-dropping views of the surrounding Adriatic Sea and the islands, Hotel Hilton has no competition in the city.


Trsat is nestled on a hill above the town and it’s the historical part of Rijeka with its castle dating from the 13th century, the biggest Franciscan Monastery and Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat.

Trsat is beautiful, both for a short stay and as a long-term residency as the town and beaches aren’t far away and the neighborhoods are peaceful and safe.

You’ll want to explore this area of Rijeka during your visit anyway, so choosing to stay in it isn’t a bad idea at all.

Trsat is particularly beautiful in the winter when the castle receives a new Christmas veil and the town below with the dark sea background and bright stars looks magical.

In the summer, you’ll find excellent ice cream at every corner, plenty of shade in the monastery park or under the roof of Trsat castle, and all you need to do to get to the beach is to go downhill a few kilometers!

The recommended accommodation at Trsat

Tersatto – Tersatto is an accommodation with a balcony set high at the Trsat hill which offers astounding views over the town and the sea, islands, and Istria peninsula in the background. Tersatto’s apartment is situated in a lovely part of Trsat and the room looks pretty nice, so I decided to choose it as a first recommendation for you who plan to stay at Trsat.

Trsat Central Apartments – Set right across the Franciscan Monastery, Trsat Cental Apartments are your modest place to stay with plenty of room, easy accessibility from public transportation, and everything you might need for a short stay in this area of Rijeka. Nothing more to add, it’s simply good and proven!


Pecine is the area 15 minutes away from the town by walking on foot and it’s where the closest beaches in Rijeka are.

A thing of Pecine is one long straight street nestled just above the coastline with plenty of pebble beaches, ranging from bigger to smaller ones ideal for private time.

At Pecine you’ll find yourself feeling isolated during the night as there aren’t many passengers, and while during the day many cars pass through the neighborhood, it’s not that bad because people don’t drive fast.

At Pecine you’ll find a variety of great places to stay and some amazing Villas that were once homes of the dukes and politicians.

The recommended accommodation at Trsat

Apartman Angela – A lovely apartment by the end of Pecine Street and near the last beach with a bar super close to the bus station and shopping centers. I have heard good words about this place, so I believe it will be a good consideration if you are staying in this area of Rijeka.

Apartment Villa Edmea – The Villa Edmea apartment is also set by the end of Pecine Road, and what I like about it is that you get a private parking lot which is invaluable as Pecine is usually very crowded and it’s difficult to find a parking lot.

The apartment has a beautiful interior which you’ll love if you are into more of a traditional, old design, while the outside garden is ideal for BBQ and relaxation. If you want to reach the beach, just go down the stairs!

Apartman Prima – This is the last Pecine apartment I’ll recommend based on positive stories I heard, it’s set next to the Sabljicevo beach which is in my opinion the best beach on Pecine, the place is comfortable and you also get a small garden to enjoy the BBQ or enjoy the peaceful Pecine nights.


Drenova is an interesting part of Rijeka, surrounded by beautiful hiking spots and located in a pretty safe environment.

Drenova is an excellent place to live, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a priority for a short-term stay because the town isn’t as close and there are no nearby beaches.

However, if you’d love to hike you’ll love the beautiful source of the river Rječina and its hiking spots such as Veli Vrh.

The river Rječina is where Rijeka got its name from, and the river flows from its source near Drenova all the way down and through the town where after Mrtvi Kanal (in the middle of the city by Hotel Continental) it merges with the sea.

At the moment I don’t have any particular recommendations for where to stay, but I am sure there are free rooms somewhere.

Vežica (Gornja and Donja)

Gornja and Donja Vežica are built on hills set near Trsat and above Pećine, somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes from the town.

While there isn’t much to experience at Vežica itself, you can find decent apartments and it’s actually quite easy to reach Trsat, the town, and the beaches down at Pećine as public transportation is well organized.

There’s not much I have to say about Vezica, but it’s a decent area with affordable rooms and only minor safety issues (just because you might bump into rare drunks in the parks, but that’s it).

At the moment I don’t have any particular recommendations for where to stay, but I am sure there are free rooms somewhere.

Turnić and Krnjevo

Turnić and Krnjevo are highly populated areas approximately 30 minutes walk from the town.

While you can find some cheap places to stay making it a smart option for an affordable long-term stay, I wouldn’t recommend this part of the city for passing travelers.

There’s not much to see in the area and it can arguably become quite depressive to be surrounded by all the traffic and big buildings built in the 70’s.

There are also minor safety concerns, as you might walk into a group of drunks or some mean people during the night if you are unlucky.

That said, Rijeka is a very safe city, so even in its least safe areas it’s still safe compared to many other cities in Europe.


Pehlin, just like Turnić and Krnjevo doesn’t have to offer much to passing travelers, but it can be a nice place to live.

Pehlin has similar minor safety concerns, but it’s nothing serious and I don’t want to paint a wrong picture in your mind that any of these areas in Rijeka are known for being notoriously full of gangs and burglaries because that’s far from the truth.

Recently, near the Pehlin area (or better said Hosti and Rujevica), the newest football stadium was built, so expect regular shows and plenty of people by the end of each week.

Moreover, it seems that the area is getting some funds and there are plenty of projects that should take place in it shortly as it’s becoming pretty popular these days making it an interesting long-term place to stay.

Extra recommendations for a stay

I’ll recommend a few more interesting places for a stay outside the town, but still near Rijeka. These are the places you’d rent when you are not just quickly moving through the town and staying for a short time, but rather for a longer experience which could also suit those on a longer business stay.

Terra Magica Deluxe Apartment – Terra Magica is located far outside the town in its rural suburbia, but with a prestigious view over the town and the sea from beautiful nature. This apartment has everything you would need for a good stay over a couple of days, especially when you need to relax after exploring Rijeka or a hard day of a business trip.

That’s it for now, as I hear of more interesting places I can recommend I’ll add them to the list!


In this article, I described the most popular areas of Rijeka and some areas I wouldn’t recommend to tourists.

I also recommended accommodations ideal for tourists who want to experience the city, and as time passes I’ll update the article with the freshest deals as I hear more positive stories and good experiences other people had.

If you have any particular questions about staying in Rijeka, whether you need a simple place to sleep or you plan to stay for a longer period of time, feel free to contact me via e-mail!


Dino is a local who has spent 27 years of his life in Croatia. He's here to provide you with useful information and some local guidance.

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