Rijeka Nightlife Guide (With Best Party Spots)

Nightlife guide to best parties in Rijeka

Rijeka is a city with decent nightlife that exists during the year, but blooms during the summer.

If you visit Rijeka and decide to go to a party, I got good news for you as you’ll likely find exactly what you are looking for.

In this article, I’ll explain the party scene in Rijeka and give you the best places where you’ll find the party of your life.

As a local, I have spent years and years venturing into clubs and events in Rijeka, and because I have very diverse friends who listen to different music I believe I am staying pretty much updated with all the news. 

Is Rijeka a party city?

Rijeka is a party city that blooms during the summer but has an active nightlife scene throughout the year.

Today in Rijeka, you’ll be able to find a party for any music genre you prefer at multiple destinations.

Moreover, most clubs work until early morning hours (around 3 am) and some continue to work up to 6 am or longer, offering a perfect opportunity for after-parties.

It’s also common to find great events on outer stages during summer in which there’s no lack of parties that can continue for days and nights in a row.

Back in the day, Rijeka was known for its strong alternative music roots such as Rock’n’roll and Punk, and together with Opatija it shared a strong Disco music scene.

Today, the Alternative and Disco scene is slightly degraded in favor of the modern pop and turbo-folk scene, but there are still many options for everyone!

ĐIR po Starom Gradu

Let’s begin with Đir po Starom Gradu, which is a popular event that is up throughout the entire year and brings the coolest parties in the town.

While Stop Bar, Rakhia Bar, Modesto Club, and Garcon Bar work separately on their own, these are the 4 clubs in the old town that joined together to bring the best parties for students.

Each Tuesday, a themed party takes place with plenty of guests, great happy hour offers, and free drinks which all together form a fantastic atmosphere!

Rakija Bar

Rakija bar is the standard party spot for numerous students in Rijeka and only grows in popularity every year.

At Rakija Bar you’ll enjoy the best Croatian Rakija, for moderate prices and when the happy hour hits, you’ll quickly discover what makes the rakija so great.

What I also like about Rakija is that it’s close to other popular places as it’s located in the old town, so you can always go somewhere else and return later without calling a taxi.

Stop bar

Placed in the old town, stands a coffee bar Stop that’s a peaceful ordination during the day and the week, but becomes the ultimate party nighttime spot at the weekend.

You’ll find various events at Stop that are inclined towards students who are thirsty for a good party, and the best of all is that they are open for private party events.

At Stop, you’ll mostly find popular modern music with a combination of both the Western and music the Balkan is renowned for similar to other clubs in this area.

Modesto club

Modesto is an always-busy club for a reason, they host good parties and are a part of Đir po Starom Gradu gradu along with the Stop bar, Garcon bar, and Rakhia bar.

You’ll find similar music to what is played at other bars which form the big four and have a decent time if this is your thing.

Garcon bar

Garcon is an equally popular destination during the day and the night.

This is a lovely, bar in the old town that blooms over weekends and Đir po Starom Gradu.

From what I’ve seen and heard, they have good parties for those who like to listen to modern, popular music just like it’s the case with other bars in the same area of the old town.

Klub Mladih

Klub Mladih started as a club for high school and college students in which they could study and drink coffee in peace.

Today, it’s full of life and it’s home to a great atmosphere where mostly young folk come to the party and have a great experience on weekends.

Klub Mladih is an attractive party place with a lovely balance between modern pop and alternative music!

Klub Mladih also believes that live music is an important ingredient for a good party, so very often they host awesome musical events with some of the best musicians in the region.

Klub Nemo

At Klub Nemo you’ll find late-night parties like barely anywhere else.

Klub Nemo is the destination where people go to continue partying till the early morning hours, so expect it to be open till 6 am while almost everything else is closed at this time.

At Klub Nemo you’ll find various music depending on the DJ, but it’s usually either disco, electronics, or some alternative music.

The interior is very old schools, and people who hang out there are pretty chill.


Crkva is the destination where you go dancing to electronic music until you can no longer stand on your feet.

If this sounds interesting to you, you’ll love this true party place with neon lights, various DJs, and electronic music types.

Crkva also works until the early morning hours, so it can be a good destination for an after-party.


Palach is a wonderful and iconic place in the center of the town with old history and a strong connection to the alternative music scene.

Moreover, Palach was there, when most clubs that nowadays exist haven’t.

Palach is the monument to Rijeka’s cultural and musical history and the place where further generations will enjoy the best of alternative and underground music.

Today, Palach is the place where you can see upcoming and promising bands perform and enjoy the night in a true old fashion way.

Bacva pub

Bacva Pub is among the evening party spots with the finest beers, and hard liqueurs while the music never disappoints.

Bacva is a pretty big pub with lots of room both inside and outside which is great for those not keen on small, busy places where it’s hard to turn around to the nearby bar to order a drink or visit a toilet.

You’ll find both modern and old music with famous hits, mostly leaning toward well-known Western musicians.

River pub

River Pub welcomes you with a spectacular, cozy interior inspired by the medieval culture and the hit tv series, Game of Thrones.

Once you settle in, the party can begin. They hire great DJs that will entertain you the whole night with old and modern western music hits with occasional evenings more focused on domestic pop-rock.

River Pub is among my favorite places for enjoying a beer and having a dance, and you are likely to enjoy it just as much as me!

If you love karaoke, River Pub organizes karaoke parties every Thursday throughout the year, but unfortunately not during the summer.


Tunnel is known for its rock and old pop-based nighttime parties with a great atmosphere.

The place literally looks like you are entering a tunnel in which you’ll experience the best part of the night.

If you’ll like it at river pub and Bacva you’ll likely like it at Tunnel and vice versa.


Pajol beach bar is our first beach bar on the list and thus an absolutely worthy place of visiting as nothing screams nightlife in the city by the beach than partying at a beach bar during warm summer evenings.

Pajol isn’t a big club, but rather a beach bar with plenty of room outside.

You can go for a swim or sunbathe during the day and then stay at the party with live music on the outer stage by the sea.

The music you’ll find is either modern pop or old-school rock, jazz, and blues from my experience partying at Pajol the last summer.

Music scenes in Rijeka


The mainstream scene, as the name suggests, is found everywhere in the city as it simply attracts most people, and clubs know this.

I would define the mainstream party scene in Rijeka as the party spots where either popular Western music played such as Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Rihanna, and Bruno Mars, or Croatian and Serbian Turbo Folk.

Often, you’ll find clubs to mix both genres depending on the atmosphere and the people.

Most of these clubs are known for being full of people, the atmosphere is strong, and the drinks aren’t cheap unless it’s a happy hour.

Electronic music

For good electronic music including House, Techno, Jungle, Dubstep, Disco, Trance, and other styles, there are a few places in the town.

The first place for such music is called Crkva, and it’s an absolute epitome of an electronic music party spot, the other one I have in mind is Nemo Pub.

It’s also very common to find electronic music events in Rijeka or around Rijeka during the summer, as these types of events are probably the most popular in the region.

Alternative scene

The alternative scene is based on Good old rock’n’roll, jazz, blues, and other good music from the past including hip-hop and punk, and even disco.

Here we are talking about the music that once used to be popular and is nowadays being replaced by modern pop.

If you are a fan of the great music of the last century and don’t enjoy modern pop or electronics, but would rather dance to hits of ABBA, Rolling Stones, Bonny M, Queen, Bowie, Ramones, or Motörhead, you’ll find more than a few party spots that are based on the alternative scene.

Places where you can find Alternative scene music and inspired parties: River, Klub Mladih, Tunnel, Nemo Pub (Not every time as it rotates genres each weekend), and Klub Palach.

Underground scene

The underground scene in Rijeka is mostly based on upcoming punk and metal bands, but other genres also exist.

For a true underground scene, you should visit the less-popular city’s spots, as the true underground simply has nothing in common with mainstream music.

Some places where you can find Underground scenes: are Klub Palach, and Podrum (Punk Squat place).

The underground scene is best enjoyed at events that take place throughout the year, but just as everything blooms during summer, so does the underground scene. 


Dino is a local who has spent 27 years of his life in Croatia. He's here to provide you with useful information and some local guidance.

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