What To Do On A Rainy Day In Rijeka? (Best Indoor Places)

What to do on a rainy day in Rijeka

Rijeka is a rainy town and it shouldn’t surprise you if the clouds catch you during visiting the city.

Although this doesn’t happen so frequently during summer as it happens through fall and winter, it’s not unusual that suddenly out of nowhere the clouds take over the town.

This can be quite a beautiful experience during hot summer days as the rain can finally bring some refreshment and it’s common to rain only for the sun to take over 30 minutes later, leaving a beautiful rainbow over the town.

If the rain catches you while staying in Rijeka, here are a few interesting indoor places you can visit.

1. Room Escape Rijeka

Room Escape Rijeka is the most popular room escape game in the city and it’s ideal for small groups of 2 to 5 persons.

If you are a fan of Room Escape Games, you’ll love their Central Bank and Prison games in which you have a limited time to escape before the police catch you.

Moreover, if you never played these types of games but they sound interesting to you, go and try them as you will hardly regret the time spent on such fun!

2. Peek & Poke Computer Museum

Peek & Poke Computer Museum offers a unique museum experience and for a good reason, this museum is among the top tourist attractions in Rijeka.

If you are feeling nostalgic for the good old times when the computer would take up half of your room and you’d need to contemplate how to move the keyboard without breaking your arm, this is the good place to visit.

Among 1000 pieces of technological history you’ll find computers, game consoles, typewriters, calculators, and more.

They also run fun competitions and events that you can find on Peek & Poke Website.

Overall, this museum is one of a kind in the region and I love the idea behind it.

One more thing I like about Peek & Poke is that they don’t charge tickets for kids below 7 years of age.

3. Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Coast

At the Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Coast, you’ll find artifacts from prehistoric times to fascinating findings of modern times.

This is the place where you’ll learn about the history and culture of Rijeka, but also of the state.

The fact that the museum is placed in the former Governor’s Palace which is a protected cultural monument is already magnificent as the whole building is beautiful and rich with history.

This is my favorite museum in Rijeka and if there’s one museum you must visit while in Rijeka, then it’s this one!

4. Croatian National Theatre Ivan Zajc

Zajc is the town’s main place of culture with numerous concerts and performances taking over the scene throughout the year. 

Zajc is worth visiting even when it’s not rainy outside as it’s home to the most beautiful theatre plays and music performances.

However, you won’t find events at Zajc during the day, as they mostly begin in the evening.

Have a glass of red wine and enjoy the opera night, drama play, or some other interesting event that takes place.

You can check what plays at Zajc by visiting the Zajc Website.

5. Trsat Castle

Trsat Castle is a place worth visiting at any time and in any weather, as it offers unique view sight over the entire town. 

Trsat castle has that magical vibe during rainy and cloudy days, as its cobblestones start to breathe once again as they did back in medieval times.

If you are like me and adore medieval structures like towers, defense walls, and cannons with a peaceful interior with room to sit and enjoy your stay alongside the fine beers, wines, and coffee, you’ll love it there.

6. Klub Mladih Rijeka

Klub Mladih is the place where you’ll find affordable drinks, good music, and great staff.

Klub Mladih started as a place for the youth, so they built the studying and library section along with the cafe area where you can chill, listen to music, or watch tv.

It’s a nice cafe during the week, and it turns into a serious club during weekends.

It’s not unusual to find live music playing on the inner stage which is excellent when it’s rainy and cold outside, but you are up for a good atmosphere.

7. Klub Bačva

Bačva is a pub with good craft beer, plenty of room inside and outside for big groups, and good music.

While some other places aren’t as big, Klub Bačva has plenty of space and you can get some privacy if you want to enjoy drinks and run a conversation with friends without being interrupted by others.

8. Rakija Bar

Rakia bar is a popular club in the old town with amazing Croatian brandies called rakija.

Rakia bar is probably the most popular tourist nightlife attraction and it’s open both on the weekends and on Tuesdays (this might change in the future, but probably won’t).

Rakia Bar attracts students and tourists with their fantastic offers during happy hour and great atmosphere.

If it’s raining outside, you’ll find the place inside and you’ll easily reach other clubs in the town from there because everything is so close.

9. Rijeka City Museum – Sugar Refinery Palace

At Rijeka City Museum you’ll explore the culture and history of the city and you’ll find interesting artifacts connected to the city.

This is a classic place for discovering more about Rijeka, so if that interests you, now you know where to go.

10. Natural History Museum Rijeka

Natural History Museum Rijeka is a place for children and adults and there’s plenty of stuff to see, so reserve at least an hour.

You’ll find a botanical garden, and an aquarium with species from the Adriatic Sea such as sharks and sea rays, but also many reptiles, mammals, insects, and birds that walk the earth.

This is a super fun place for visiting at least once and an ideal solution on a rainy day.

11. Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is the museum where you’ll find works from artists from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.

This is a place worth visiting if you care about ongoing exhibitions at the moment you are visiting Rijeka.

Sometimes there’s so much to see, and sometimes you’ll take a walk and be done within 15 minutes.

12. Rijeka Tunnels

Did you know that Rijeka had an entire map of tunnels beneath the city that mutually connect?

As a matter of fact, I didn’t know that as a local until 7 years ago as back in the day the tunnels were closed, so nobody could discover the fascinating pathways of darkness and humidity.

These tunnels were built back in the day somewhere around WWII for the purposes of war, and then they got forgotten for decades.

You may be asking why am I mentioning this because I earlier described these tunnels as creepy, dark, and humid, but there is one entrance to Rijeka Tunnels on the left from the St. Vitus cathedral in the old town that is actually good looking and comfortable.

A few years ago, we realized that we could host events and sell drinks there, so it’s pretty cool there.

The tunnel is very long and the deeper you go the colder it gets, so while it can be a good spot to visit during rainy days you’ll definitely need a cozy jacket if you want to stay there for a longer time.


Dino is a local who has spent 27 years of his life in Croatia. He's here to provide you with useful information and some local guidance.

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