Croatia in October: Events, Tips, Weather & More

October in Croatia

Croatia is beautiful all year round, but there’s something special about the October month.

With the start of October, the magical autumn season approaches and the whole country experiences a final catharsis after busy summer days.

I always loved experiencing October in Croatia when I was young as we’d get back to school sits, friends would reunite and the heat along mosquitoes would be finally gone.

A few years later as I got older, things haven’t changed as October remains my favorite month! 

So, if you plan to visit Croatia in October I am more than excited to be your guide!

Is October a good time to visit Croatia?

October is the best month to visit Croatia for those who are not keen on peak summer tourist season which comes with disadvantages such as hot and muggy weather, high accommodation and tourist-related services prices, mosquitos and ticks, and a super-busy environment wherever you go.

In October, the days begin to shorten, yet there’s still enough daylight, the temperatures significantly fall to release us from chronic heat strikes and mugginess yet it’s not cold, the country settles down after the summer hustle and the colors become truly magical at every corner.

Thus, you can pack your stuff and arrive in Croatia right after most tourists leave the country, and enjoy it all for yourself!

What’s there to do in Croatia in October?

You’ll find many Croatian attractions that start to bloom in October of which I’ll mention the ones I love and I know you’ll love as well.

While I always recommend coastlines and islands during the summer months, when October approaches, the rest of Croatia becomes way more interesting!

So, I’ll share with you some places you might not have ever heard of as they are not as popular as summer tourist attractions, but trust me they’ll win your heart.

Best destinations and events to visit in October

Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes national park is a must-see tourist attraction and thus everybody hurls to Plitvice Lakes from July to September, but it clears off in October.

Plitvice lakes in autumn

Big crowds always ruin the experience for me as it’s difficult to move, the waiting times are longer and obviously, the prices are more expensive with the increased demand. 

However, what I find to be most beautiful about Plitvice Lakes in Autumn, and especially in October, are the golden-colored trees and leaves on the ground that reflect upon the lakes and waterfalls.



Dubrovnik is as usual among the top destinations for tourists even in October. 

While Dubrovnik is renowned for its medieval walls and old town where Game of Thrones was filmed, it offers great hospitality during the summer season as it’s home to pristine beaches and clear sea.

During October, summer hobbies such as swimming and snorkeling fall back into the second plan, but the city remains a great destination to explore.

Before October, Dubrovnik is known for being extremely crowded as it’s everyone’s priority on an itinerary and the summer temperatures put their toll on the visitors.

Visiting Dubrovnik in October when the tourist season finishes is actually a good idea!

Kastav, Bela Nedeja

Kastav, a peaceful small town 10 minutes away from Rijeka by car receives a new veil during its famous October festival Bela Nedeja.

The festival Bela Nedeja takes place between 1. And 3. October and during this time everybody forgets their plans and drives to Kastav to experience the celebration of the beginning of Autumn.

Lots of food, street food deserts, music events, and festive vibes will totally immerse you, and if that’s not enough, the famous must wine won’t leave you dissatisfied, but rather with a big smile on your face.

Marunada, Lovran

Not far from Kastav, Lovran, the next town after Opatija, hosts magnificent autumn events throughout October.

Starting in the early October days, the popular chestnut-based event called Marunada, Lovran takes place.

Imagine all kinds of chestnut-based foods such as grilled chestnuts, cooked chestnuts, chestnut cakes, pies, chestnut honey, and spirits, everything is about chestnuts.

Moreover, you’ll be able to enjoy the oldtimers’ show-offs, brass bands, Illusionist performances, storytelling and programs for children, live music, poems, and more spectacles to start the autumn season with the style.


Photos source: , 2023

Less than 30 minutes from Plitvice Lakes, lays the idyllic land of Slunj.

Slunj is the epitome of fairy tale places you’d read about in books.

The medieval old town hugged by rivers Slunjčica, Korana i Mrežnica is a growing tourist attraction, and among the top destinations to see in October.

In October, Slunj organizes the autumn hike event for tourists where you explore the region with the help of a guide.

You’ll discover magnificent old villages such as Rastoke and many more along your journey!

Žumberak, Samoborsko Gorje Nature park

Panoramic view at Žumberak, Samoborsko Gorje
Source: , 2023

Žumberak, Samoborsko Gorje Nature Park is home to the most beautiful hiking trails and walking paths which lead you through magical forests, landscapes, meadows, hidden waterfalls, and streams.

Discover medieval towns, fascinating tales, archeological sites where ancient Celtic coins were found, and fantastic cuisine inspired by old, medieval recipes.

Žumberak is particularly beautiful in October, so I would put it as a priority place to visit if you plan to travel further to Croatia away from the coastline.

And, don’t forget to try original Samoborska kremšnita (Samobor’s Cream slices) and sweet mead!


Fužine is the area near Kvarner, in Gorski Kotar just 10 kilometers from the coast. 

Fužine is beautiful in October when the leaves fall, as the whole region breathes autumn vibes.

You’ll find yourself surrounded by mountains and three large artificial accumulation lakes which along the rich forest provide fresh air and a true cozy feeling to visitors.

Fužine in autumn

Fužine is the real escape from the urban lifestyle, you’ll find small villages and plenty of flora and fauna, yet 20 minutes by car and you are back into civilization.

Fužine were one of my favorite destinations when I was a child as they are only 30 kilometers away from Rijeka.

Islands are empty in October

While Croatian islands are my top recommendation during the summer months, as soon as September ends they become ghost lands. 

Basically, there’s no in-between, the islands are either full of tourists and amazing attractions and service or everything closes and only a minority of locals remain.

For instance, Cres is alive during summer, but as it ends there are only a few thousand locals populating it as everything returns back to the shore and continental region.

So, if you are looking to experience the beauties of island hopping be sure to do it before the middle of September.

What’s the weather like in October?

The weather in Croatia in October cools off from high summer temperatures, so a normal daylight temperature can be between 18°C and 25°C in the early days, with temperatures leaning on the warmer side by the coastline.

However, a sudden change in temperature is to be expected and sometimes this sudden change can happen in the very early days of October depending on the year.

Thus, the daylight temperature can easily reach between 14°C and 18°C, and while during the warmer October days, the nighttime temperature is usually also between 14°C and 18°C, temperatures can fall down to 10°C.

Moreover, the harsh mugginess disappears, so the air becomes easier to breathe, but along wind stikes, Croatia becomes acceptable for rain strikes, especially in the continental region and Kvarner.

We have a saying, if October begins with rains and wind, it’s likely for the rest of the month to remain cold, so depending on your luck you’ll either catch a warm or rainy, chilly October in Croatia.

That said, some regions in continental Croatia can get even colder as further from the sea, the colder it gets.

It’s windy

Don’t underestimate the strong Croatian wind that comes with October.

The strongest Croatian wind, the notorious “bura” is capable of achieving unbelievable speed.

One of the records from previous years that I remember was 234 km/h recorded by the coastline.

However, this is rare, and most times you’ll experience a lovely breeze that will accompany you on your autumn journey.

It’s just important to remember that Croatia is windy, and it’s important to bring a jacket to protect against possible wind strikes.

It’s rainy

Croatia isn’t a dry country, and this is especially the case during autumn.

While it can be annoying to get caught by rain after visiting a beach in summer, rain creates that cozy feeling in autumn.

Whether you like rain or not, you got to prepare for it if you visit Croatia in October!

Can you sunbathe?

Sunbathing in Croatia in October is possible, but expect that not every day will be sunny and that sudden strikes of wind and rain are possible.

Usually, the cold approaches by the end of October, and in the early days of the month you can still catch some sun, especially if you can find a good spot at the prime time of the day which is between 12 am and 2 pm.

In October, the sun weaknesses so it’s not harsh but the days can still be moderately warm and you can receive plenty of Vitamin D, although it will be hard to catch the skin color.

What to wear in October in Croatia?

Forget about your summer clothing and fashion collection during October days and nights in Croatia.

The change in weather is significant, and while on some days you may feel warm or even hot in a jacket, it’s important not to forget one!

So, wear lighter clothes, but don’t forget a jacket because you’ll need it.

As soon as the sun goes out, and the night approaches you’ll regret not bringing a jacket with you.

Moreover, forget flip-flops and sandals, as shoes and boots should be your choice, especially when sudden clouds decide to spit down the blasts of rain in the middle of the day.

Can you swim in Croatia in October?

You can swim in early October days in the Adriatic Sea, but the sea temperature will significantly drop. 

However, the sea will still be good for those who like refreshments and aren’t afraid of mild to cold showers.

It’s important to catch the sun during the day and not forget that the night falls a bit sooner than in September, so if you miss the chance to dry off, it could be an awkward feeling, especially when the autumn breeze comes to say hello.

Another advantage of visiting Croatian beaches during October is the fact that the beaches are mostly empty as the season is over, so you can capture that dream spot without fear of competition.

I remember spending a lovely time on beaches in October on sunny days, it’s actually just a fresher experience than during the summer, but due to a high amount of cloudy and rainy days swimming in Croatia during October isn’t an everyday thing you can plan.

Is the Adriatic Sea rough in October?

The Adriatic Sea starts being rough in October and continues to get rougher as the winter approaches.

It’s important to notice that cruising the Adriatic Sea after the summer ends becomes very challenging, so it’s not possible to plan a sea adventure and manage to pull it off.

The Adriatic Sea is to be respected, and with the sudden change in weather in October, the Adriatic Sea is not to be played with!

How expensive is Croatia in October?

In October in Croatia, all prices in popular tourist destinations go significantly down, but also most summer attractions also go dormant until the next summer season.

You’ll find better prices for accommodation and related tourist services and attractions because as the demand goes down, so does the supply or in other words the prices.

While prices for an average apartment during summertime could be 90-150 euros per night, in October the prices go significantly down and you’ll be able to find an apartment for 50-100 euros per night.

For instance, I checked the ticket prices for National Park Plitvice Lake, the priority tourist attraction for those keen on the wonders of nature.

During the summer season, the prices for adults were listed at around 45 euros for adults, and in October the ticket prices for adults literally halved in the price.

In a similar fashion, you can expect prices to go down in all similar tourist attractions.

What’s even better, in my opinion, some of these attractions such as Plitvice Lakes are more enjoyable in autumn and winter than in summer, but that might be just my personal preference.

Regarding the prices of groceries, food, drinks, and tobacco the prices are similar throughout the entire year, as with the absence of tourist-oriented facilities, the prices normalize.

During October festivals and events you can expect higher prices for drinks and food, but that’s common for any type of event everywhere in the world.


To visit Croatia in October is the right choice for all who appreciate the autumn beauties, hate harsh sun, high mugginess and temperatures, and big crowds.

I tried to showcase that Croatia has more beauty and attractions than what’s usually portrayed in popular media during the peak summer season.

While the Croatian coastline is beautiful during the summer, one should discover the rest of the country’s beauties from October to the spring.


Dino is a local who has spent 27 years of his life in Croatia. He's here to provide you with useful information and some local guidance.

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